Oh, hello.

This is Sushnyk.com, which you might have already realized. It's a website for people named Sushnyk, mostly, but if you've got a boring name like Anderson or Smith you're still welcome to poke around.

Right now, Roberta and Christoph are in charge of Sushnyk affairs. If you've always wanted to bother a Sushnyk about something, you should probably start there. Roberta can most readily be bothered through her Facebook profile, and Christoph has a website where he mostly bothers himself.

Their mother, Susan Sushnyk, probably shouldn't be bothered, but she's usually up for a chat or a game on her Facebook page.

Nicholas Sushnyk passed away on November 6th, 2020. His kids—Roberta and Christoph (you met them earlier)—are maintaining a webpage with pictures and other memories, if you're into that sort of thing.

There are other Sushnyks, of course, as well as extended and honorary Sushnyks, but I can never keep them straight and these ones will have to do for now.

Thanks for understanding,